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Foam Roofing

High Insulation Value and Energy Efficient
A roofing solution that just makes sense


Sprayfoam of Southern California is a professional roofing company owned and operated by Peter Froetschel for over 18 years. Pete has over 28 years experience installing sprayfoam roofing systems, and has worked from Aspen, Colorado to Northern California, working on projects ranging from school buildings to wine tanks.


"There is no job more important to me than putting on a roof that will never fail. Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, I have seen a lot of growth and wonderful architecture. Sprayfoam roofing helps to preserve the rustic look in older mid-century homes designed by architects such as Albert Frey, William Cody, Donald Wexler, Palmer & Krisel and the Alexander tracts of over 5000 homes in the desert. Sprayfoam can also add a new look and energy savings to new and older homes. Wherever you live I believe that you should put the right roof on your house the first time and not let it take away from the beauty of the home."

Pete Froetschel - Owner